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The Sicilian Nouvelle Vogue in Hospitality
Hospitality Meets Wellness
Fusion Sicilian Dining Experience


A haven of wellness

The playful lightness of the Mediterranean capital meets wellness-inspired design in a one-of-a-kind structure. Palazzo Cartari, born from the creative vision of Sicilian Hospitality, is located in the oldest axis of Palermo’s historic center, within the prestigious group of buildings surrounding Piazza Borsa. The organic vision of the rooms opens up to the sculptural details of the friezes of the surrounding noble palaces and to the Liberty-style characterization of the nearby Via Roma. A wellness oasis built on the “tailor-made” approach of each room caters to three types of experiences designed for our guests: Easy Spa, My Hammam, Cartari Health.

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The rooms at Palazzo Cartari, featuring 15 fully customized suites, boast integrated spa areas including indoor saunas and chromotherapy showers, along with 5 deluxe rooms. The meticulously selected fabrics in the interior design reflect the fresh and light ambiance of Sicilian allure with unique details.

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+39 091 78 17 597


Fusion cuisine and Sicilian soul in a gourmet project inspired by the playful tradition of the historic Via Cartari in Palermo.

The atmosphere of live cooking that opens up to the tasting space adds dynamism to the international mood of the restaurant.

Imagine completing your travel itinerary through the alleys of ancient Palermo with the scents and exotic atmospheres of North Africa and enter the sensory experimentation of Palazzo Cartari Spa.

Discover the enchantment of Palermo: a journey through the history, culture, and flavors of Sicily. From majestic monuments to lively streets, Palermo welcomes you with its timeless charm.

An unforgettable experience awaits you in this city rich in treasures to discover.